Buying a Family Car: 3 Underrated Considerations

School runs, visits to assisted living facilities, work commutes, road trips, camping – family cars have to do a lot and so you want to pick one that can do a lot. 

How? Here are 3 things to look out for. 

Clever Seat Configurations

Families do tend to grow, and at the very least more people means more friends, colleagues, acquaintances, etc. And so being able to get creative with seat configurations is something you genuinely want to consider. You want to be able to adapt your car to different situations, be it creating more passenger space or accommodating larger cargo.

Really, it’s a good thing plenty of cars are designed to roll out with innovative features like sliding second-row seats. These aren’t just for show; they strike a real balance between keeping passengers comfortable and easy access to the third row. And let’s not forget models with fold-flat or removable seats – these can transform your car’s interior based on what you genuinely need at any given moment.

Picture this: you’re picking up friends for a family outing. Thanks to those sliding second-row seats, adjusting for more space is a breeze. No cramped legroom, just a smooth entry and exit for everyone.

Hidden Storage Gems

Don’t underestimate the value of hidden storage solutions – it’s something you really want to pay attention to if you’re car shopping. You want to be able to discreetly stash smaller items securely and within easy reach without hogging visible space so that your interior is clutter-free and organized. 

Check out cars that boast under-floor storage compartments or cleverly designed door pockets for those extra storage spaces that mean a neat interior isn’t impossible. 

Say you’re loading up groceries, but hate it when items are rolling around in the trunk. That under-floor storage? It lets you neatly tuck away smaller items, preventing any shifting during the drive. Result? A clean, organized cargo area.

Tech Harmony 

In-car entertainment and connectivity features aren’t just extras you can do without. Really, you want to genuinely explore them if the car is going to cater to the diverse tech preferences of your family members.

When you’re scoping out cars, pay attention to user-friendly interfaces, compatibility with various devices, and entertainment options. Features like multiple USB ports, a rear-seat entertainment system, and seamless smartphone integration equal a tech experience that keeps everyone on board happy.

Think of a family road trip where each passenger, from the little ones to the grown-ups, wants to use their devices or dive into specific content. A car with a solid entertainment system, multiple USB ports, and easy connectivity options is how everyone can set up their preferred tech, making the journey a joy for all.

If you know what to prioritize, there’s no reason why a family car can’t benefit the whole family. Consider these tips.